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Panda Express Survey: Panda Express is a private subsidiary food service industry that has Chinese cuisine as the genre. It was founded in the year 1983 about 34 years ago at Glendale California United States.  Andrew Cheong and Peggy cherng are the founders of this restaurant. It is headquartered in walnut grove Avenue Rosemead California united states. The number of locations this restaurant is located is about almost more than 2000. The area served by this restaurant is united states, Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico, Canada, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Japan, and Guatemala.

The products of this restaurant are mainly American Chinese cuisine. The number of employees working round in this organization is about 24995. The parent company is panda restaurant group. Chinese cuisine inspired dishes like orange chicken, firecracker chicken beast, Beijing bead, grilled teriyaki chicken and kung pao chicken. The combo meals are also served by the restaurant according to the customer wish. The official website of this restaurant is

Panda express survey :


For the growth of the company the main thing needed is the customer support. If the company satisfies the customer only they can shine well. Since panda express is a restaurant company it is important that it maintains a popular name among them. To compete with the other companies a good name must be needed. They can improve their taste, quality of their food with the help of customer reviews. If they want to compete with other companies they need to do something innovative and grab attraction of the customer. You will be provided with some offers and coupons on some days.

How to complete the survey process

You can simply complete the survey process. All you need us is a receipt or bill from the panda express restaurant. You need a computer or mobile phone with internet connection. To complete the survey process of panda express restaurant follow the below-mentioned steps


  • Visit the official website of panda express restaurant or click on this official website
  • A new web page will be displayed
  • You should have the panda express restaurant bill or receipt with you before you want to complete the survey
  • Your age should be above 18 years to complete the survey
  • Enter the 4 or 5 digit code of the store number present in the bill
  • Confirm your store number on the next step
  • Enter your order number present in the bill
  • Enter your date, time of visit and your order type
  • Answer all the questions that are asked in the survey
  • You can also rate your experience through scales 1-5
  • You can also rate their service
  • Now your survey is complete
  • You will get coupons that you should use within two days of visiting the restaurant
  • This compound you can redeem next time for a free firecracker chicken beast at the next time of your visit to the restaurant.
  • You can contact the restaurant at this number (800)877-8988

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